Fig Tree Camp

It was a two hour flight from Mombasa Moi Airport to the Masai Mara. The landing strip was simply a dirt track in the middle of the plains and a small thatched shack that was apparently duty free and the terminal in one (well it sold Masai carvings).

We got to the landing strip to be told it was a 45minute trip to the camp, although only 12 km away. Although on the way there we saw elephants and zebras just on the trip there.

The Fig Tree Camp in the Masai Mara is where we stayed for two nights/three days when on Safari. It was an amazing place. The rooms were thatched structures with a tent inside them. The main room was a tent with a fully built bathroom at the back. The tent even had a wardrobe and power points.

img_2110.jpg img_1455.jpg img_2107.jpg img_2111.jpg

For our safari our guide was Peter. He seemed to be the only one not to need a Masai guide on the jeep because he had worked there so long he could drive the tracks in the dark. Apparently all the others simply followed him to the animals!

img_1779.jpg img_2113.jpg

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