Masai Mara Safari – Day One

From the air strip to the camp we saw elephants and zebras in that short journey. The trips were one in the afternoon from 4pm to about 6 or 7pm ready for dinner. In the morning we were woken up at 6am in the pitch black to go out at 6.30 am for another safari, back in time for breakfast and then another safari after breakfast at 10.30am back for lunch.

I took over 800 photos and I’ve only photoshopped 80 or so at the moment so what I’m posting here is only a small selection of the photos we actually took out there!

From the air strip to the camp

img_1429.jpg img_1440.jpg img_1444.jpg img_1449.jpg

While waiting for the first afternoon safari

We had monkeys outside our tent!

img_1481.jpg img_1484.jpg

Afternoon Safari

The one thing that struck me was when we stopped the absolute peace, quiet and calmness of the plains of the Masai Mara. It’s so rare in the modern day to have absolute quiet.

Often we’d get so close the the animals that if you were to put your arm out the side of the jeep you could have touched them! They didn’t seem phased by the jeeps or people at all, but they did all seem to be keeping a close eye on other animals though. We even found a cheetah with a kill! Not sounds for the squeemish

img_1510.jpg img_1546.jpg img_1550.jpg img_1562.jpg img_1582.jpg img_1610.jpg

Towards the end of the afternoon, on our way back to camp, we first went through a big ditch and almost got the jeep stuck but Peter managed to keep going through it, past some bushes at which point he decided to drive through these bushes, stopped and just to our right was a male lion fast asleep under a bush. There is no way Peter could have seen him from the track though!

img_1623.jpg img_1626.jpg

As all the jeeps were connected by radio all of the other groups started heading to see this lion but seemed to have got stuck at this ditch from earlier. So we went to help out to see this jeep with one wheel high in the air, everyone outside it trying to get this jeep free again. I’m not so sure everyone would have been so keen to get out had they realised, as we did, that less than 100metres away was a male lion asleep under a bush!

img_1629.jpg img_1630.jpg

Just enough time for a last giraffe before getting back to camp for the night


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