Masai Mara Safari – Day Three

Up at 6am again for the last day of safari and our last two safari trips before heading back to the Severin Sea Lodge in Mombasa

Early morning safari

img_1963.jpg img_1992.jpg img_1999.jpg img_2002.jpg

We came across a cheetah hidden in a small area of long grass. Eventually he sat up and I got the last of my favourite photos.


Then we found some more elephants and one had a baby that was she was still weining. Beth got an amazing photo of the mother and baby.


Post-breakfast safari

Whilst some of our group went to the Masai villiage again we went searching for some of the smaller animals and saw jackals, hyenas, more zebras, baboons and vultures. Then back to the hippos again.

img_2120.jpg img_2126.jpg img_2151.jpg img_2165.jpg img_2192.jpg

On the way back to the air strip we came across a baby zebra


Overall I absolutely loved the Masai Mara, I’ve definately got the safari bug. I would love to return to the Masai Mara, and maybe next time stay near the Mara river and possibly for the wildebeast migration season. The other place is the Sergegetti that we’d like to visit.

More photos from Safari can be viewed in my photo gallery at

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