.NET installers

Setup ScreenIt’s always been one of the most important, yet often overlooked part of a Windows application, the installation process.

I started off in Visual Studio using the default setup process project and for the most part it worked absolutely fine. In VS2005 I’d build my project, I’d create a setup.exe wrapper around my MSI, then bundle it in a self extracting zip file to launch setup.exe. That worked for me and I liked the setup.

Then came Visual Studio 2008 and that all changed. Microsoft didn’t seem to change too much in the setup process yet I was finding my setup projects were crashing constantly and consistently. I discovered that with the 2008 setup system the .exe wrapper was calling the msi and immediately exiting allowing the .msi to carry on. Yet the WinZip self extracting .exe tool was waiting for the .exe to finish before cleaning up the files. Effectively as soon as setup.exe finished, WinZip deleted the .msi even if it was still being used.

After hours of research I couldn’t find a way to change this so I decided to look for decent applications out there that not only would replicate what the Visual Studio setup project would do, but actually enhance it.

My requirements were pretty straight forward.

  1. It must detect pre-requisites such as .NET Framework, screen resolutions, etc
  2. Allow me to put custom settings in the registry or shortcut folders
  3. Allow me to create custom components and features that the user can toggle those features on or off
  4. I wanted to be able to associate file extensions with my applications
  5. I wanted to be able to perform actions after an installation or in uninstall (such as add a component to the Visual Studio toolbox)

Nice to haves would be to allow me to have licensing integrated at the installer level rather than the application level, customising the interface, etc

My research led me to a number of applications, but the only one that grabbed me was an application called Advanced Installer by Caphyon.

Advanced Installer

This software comes in a number of different versions, most notably a free version too.  I elected for the professional version though but the comparisons are available from their website.

What amazed me about this software was it was so simple to use and build my installer yet the interface to do so was very straight forward, including a number of built in wizards for creating shortcuts, file extension associations, etc.

So much so that I migrated all of my Windows apps to Advanced Installer as soon as I could.

The current version, just released, is version 7.0, which includes an installer for the Windows Mobile Platform.  For me this release is going to solve a problem I hadn’t even researched.  Basically I am currently developing a lightweight app for Windows that I have thought in passing would be perfect for Windows Mobile too, yet I hadn’t actually thought how to deploy for Windows Mobile as I’ve never written a Windows Mobile app before.

So into my Inbox this morning, pops an email from Caphyon telling me about version 7.0 and it’s new features.  I haven’t tested this feature yet, but if it works as well as the rest of the application does, this is going to solve hours or even days in working out how to deploy my applications on the Windows Mobile Platform.

I’m looking forward to their new GUI interface enhancements to the end-user installation screens as well as the MSIE 8 detection. The one other feature that I’m looking forward to is, in version 7.0 they have added a feature to allow detection of free ports on the PC on installation.  This will solve many issues with connectivity that user’s face in their own apps all the time!

Basically guys, if you want a decent installer for Windows applications, and you don’t want to spend a fortune, there is only one way to go… Advanced Installer.

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