It’s The Only Language They Understand

I’m going to repost Iain Dale’s blog post on the Tube strike in it’s entirety as it sums up everything you need to know about the strike.

Did you have trouble getting to work this morning? If so, spare a thought for those poor, downtrodden train drivers. You know, the ones who earn more than nurses. Who earn more than paramedics. Who earn more than most teachers, or NHS dentists.

They are demanding a pay rise of 5% and a guarantee of no redundancies. Transport for London and Boris Johnson must not give in to the bully boy tactics of Bob Crow and his henchmen. They give trade unionism a bad name. Every year, Crow brings his lackies out on strike. If it isn’t about pay it’s for some spurious reason about health and safety at work.

Did you know newly qualified drivers get 8 weeks paid holiday? And one of the reasons for this strike is that TFL sacked a driver for opening his doors on the wrong side and then lying about it, while a second driver was sacked for theft. Why on earth would people go on strike in support of people like that?

If this were any other industry, most of these drivers would have been sacked by now. It’s time Peter Hendy grew a backbone.

NB The average salary of a train driver is: £37,231. This is MORE than a paramedic (£21,720), a nurse (23,044), a secondary school teacher (£31,340), and even a dentist (£31,747). Hattip TrueBlueBlood.

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