adLDAP 3.2

Over the past few weeks I’ve been hacking to bits adLDAP to suit my own needs.  Of course I’ve contributed those findings back to the community in the adLDAP library at

Version 3.2 of adLDAP has a lot more under the skin than would first imply by the version number.  Firstly in version 3.0 I made adLDAP truly PHP 5.x only with protected configuration variables.  However in adLDAP 3.2 I’ve allowed overloading with getters and setters that I’ve previously blogged on.

I’ve also added new computer information functions, I’ve also created a connect and disconnect function.  The intention is to allow changing connection details mid script.  The constructor and destructor normally handle the connections and disconnections but there might be a need to change certain connection properties mid-script and that is the point of these new functions.

I’ve also added a new folder_list() function.  This function will deliver a list of objects, whether they be OU’s, users, groups, etc in a specific OU.  With this function I believe you could effectively deliver a web based Active Directory User’s and Computers application.

See for more information.

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