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adLDAP is a PHP library providing Active Directory authentication and management over LDAP.

It provides intelligent Active Directory integration with PHP. This extends on the original project that has not been updated for some time. It’s aim is to help other developers with getting over the same hurdles that we’ve experienced in getting the whole LDAP SSL Active Directory puzzle working natively on Linux.

This library is not designed to be a complete Active Directory management systems, but give you a set of functions through an API that will allow you to interface successfully with your Active Directory.

Given the varied nature of organisations and sites, adLDAP may not be your complete solution, but it should be a very sound starting point. LDAP isn’t overly friendly on first glance, and it’s a steep learning curve made alot worse when coupled with Microsoft’s seemingly unending army of catches.

The information you can retrieve from Active Directory is as useful as you make it. If you don’t fill out all their account information there’s not really going to be much to query.

Recently I’ve joined the project over at

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